What is a Disciple?

Our mission as a church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship Him and find their greatest joy in His glory.

When you hear the word “disciple,” what comes to mind? Is it the 12 guys who followed Jesus around for 3+ years? If you are an old school wrestling fan, is it the dude who followed Hollywood Hogan around? Is it just an archaic “Bible” word that has lost its meaning over the years? Well, yes and no.

            Merriam-Webster defines the term disciple as “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.” The word disciple, although often associated with those who follow Jesus, isn’t an inherently Christian term. Many great teachers over history have had followers who are considered to be disciples. Yet the calling of the Christian life is to be a disciple of Jesus. So, what is different about a disciple of Jesus and a disciple of any other person?

            In Mark 1:17, we get to see Jesus call the first disciples to follow him. There wasn’t a big interest meeting for anyone interested in what Jesus had to offer. There wasn’t an application process. There wasn’t an in-depth background check. There was simply Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, and calling out to two brothers who were working at their day job, and saying, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

            Maybe you are reading this, and this isn’t new to you. You’ve heard this Bible passage before so it’s no surprise that Jesus just called a couple of guys to follow him, and they did. But for the first-time reader, there must be a thought of, “That’s it? He just said, ‘follow me’? Is that really what it takes to be a disciple?” The answer is yes. A disciple is someone who follows Jesus. But that’s not all there is. When we examine Mark 1:17, Jesus doesn’t stop with “Follow me.” There is an “and” in there which tells us that something else is happening here. Something else is taking place after and while we are following Jesus. He is making us into what he has designed us to be.

            So, simply put, a disciple is someone who follows Jesus, and is being made into the person Jesus has designed us to be. Our church is committed to make disciples of Jesus. As you enter into this journey, we will walk with you and equip you to discover the fullness of what God has designed you to be. This is a lifelong journey, and it starts with answering the call of Jesus when he says, “Follow me.”

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