Our vision is to create spaces where the weary can find rest, the busy can find peace, and the lonely can find fellowship. While our goal is to create these spaces in every realm of life including our homes and our places of employment, the coffeehouse is the “third place” where people can gather and interact.

We have a vision to build a coffeehouse for the community. We have the space, we have the building permit, now we need the help to make it happen.

The next 100 days are pivotal to when we want to open the coffeehouse and use the space for church.

Would you consider partnering with us and giving towards our goal? No amount is too small. You can give online (below) or by check.

This is a breakdown of what the funds are needed to provide.

The funding we need can be broken into 4 major categories. 

1. Coffeehouse Equipment includes the Espresso Machine $17,000, Coffee Brewers $3,800 as well as the furniture, supplies, and product needed to start.

2. Sub-Contractors include the Plumber and Electrician which is quoted to be a combined $33,000.

3. Building Supplies include the Drywall, Wood, Flooring, and other supplies needed for the required renovations.

4. Church Supplies include the Sound Equipment, Chairs, and other supplies needed for the church to use the space for corporate worship.

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